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As of June, 2017 CafePress has stopped publishing books and has deleted all self-published books from their system.
We may may able to recover them; if not, only the books published through lulu.com are currently available.
Apologies for the inconvenince.

by Remy McCay

Out of print since 1994, Lodestone Press' second edition of this masterwork by famed author Remy McCay has been in the making since 2000.
132 pages;  Dimensions: 5.5" x 8.5";  Perfect bound (paperback);  preview available
Also available as a Limited Edition Hardcover (112 pages)
Grow Good Food
by Paul R. Ladd, Jr.

"For over fifty years we have grown our own food.  This is the story of how we do it.  The book is highly personal.  It does not give an account of every possibility.  Rather, it makes recommendations based on our experience."
This book is still in rough draft form: The binding is along the top rather than the side and the pictures are low resolution. But all of the of the content is present. Text and most photographs (of family members working in the garden) by Paul Ladd; cover woodcut by Eva Ladd. There is a higher quality edition in the pipeline which may be available eventually, but in the meantime this book is worth reading in any format.

106 pages;  Dimensions: 11"x8.5";  Perfect bound; More books by Paul R. Ladd    More info about this book at the "Grow Good Food" website
by Sir Richard Blackmore

The adventures of King Arthur when he was a boy - a direct sequel to Milton's Paradise Lost.  A Heroic Christian Epic in ten books, written in the late 1600s by Sir Richard Blackmore.  This volume contains all ten books and a preface by the author.  It also contains an author biography with illustration and list of his other works; PLUS, for the first time, all of the author's corrections to the 1695 edition are incorporated - these corrections are missing from the Camelot Project's online version and are unavailable anywhere else.
308 pages;  Dimensions: 6.6" x 10.25";  Perfect bound;  excerpt from the preface
The Vulcan Language
by Mark R. Gardner

The Vulcans. A logical and peaceful people, a race of vegetarian philosophers.

This book contains a complete introduction to Vulcan culture, language, ritual and tradition. Also included are a Vulcan dictionary and series of language lessons designed to teach this ancient and time honored tongue of wisdom.
416 pages;  Dimensions: 8.5" x 11" ;  Perfect bound
by Zamenhof

Both the anonymous writings and the non-anonymous writings of Esperanto creator Zamenhof about "Homaranismo" and its precursor, "Hilelismo".  In Esperanto.
Perfect bound
by Samuel Hawkins

The beautiful and unforgettable tale of the life and times of a small-town woman entrusted with a great destiny.  One for which honesty, love, and devotion are the only guides.  Wife to a farmer turned shopkeeper.  Mother to the world's greatest hero.  Martha Kent shares her secrets, her wisdom, and the countless wonders that have filled her star-touched life.
For the last time.

Also includes an introduction by the author.
36 pages;  Dimensions: 6.6" x 10.25" (comicbook size);  Binding: saddle-stitch (comicbook)
Trade Paperback Edition

Inspired by Jack London's Call of the Wild, Starwinds Howl is the heartwarming story of a white dog's adventures across space and time after the cataclysmic destruction of his home planet.  This edition is the same size as a comicbook.

Also includes an introduction by the author.
59 pages;  Dimensions: 6.6" x 10.25" (comicbook size);  Perfect bound
"Grocery-Store" Paperback Edition

The same book as above, but in a standard paperback format and size.  The same size as the author's other 4 paperback novels.

84 pages;  Dimensions: 4.1" x 6.9" (mass paperback size);  Perfect bound
"Grocery-Store" Paperback Edition

The final fate of the world's greatest hero and the world's most infamous villain.  Last book in the series.

70 pages;  Dimensions: 4.1" x 6.9" (mass paperback size);  Perfect bound
by Great Rao

A history of the world renowned website from 1995 to 2006.
Launched in 1995, Superman Through the Ages! grew from a small collection of articles into an extremely powerful web presence that strengthened, preserved, and even influenced the Legend of Superman.  This book briefly relates some of the highlights that occurred in the course of the website's history.  Superman Through the Ages! may be visited online at superman.nu.
32 pages;  Dimensions: 6.6" x 10.25" (comicbook size);  Binding: saddle-stitch (comicbook)

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